Satoshi’s legacy and his influence on the world of cryptomontages will be discussed in a virtual meeting

This Friday, September 4, at 6:00 pm (-4 GMT), a new edition of the „#FridayCryptografics“ will be held under the name „Satoshi’s Legacy: Sacred Word or Maximalist Bullshit? The idea of the meeting, according to the organizers, is to be able to debate and discuss to what extent the ideas, teachings and influences of Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin’s anonymity, are reaching the world of cryptomontages.

Besides the presence of the organizers of these spaces, the engineer and trader Anibal Anibal Garrido and the lawyer Ezio Rojas, this edition will have the presence of Bitcoin educator Anibal Santaella and the CEO of Panda Group, Arley Lozano Jaramillo (known in the crypto world as „VaKaNo“).

The organizers have also mentioned that they hope, together with the guests, to present an in-depth debate in which the figure of maximalism in the crypto ecosystem will be analyzed, as well as being able to study the different ideologies that have permeated within the users and people who live within this market.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

We recently reported in Cointelegraph that Leah McGrath Goodman recently reaffirmed that the person behind the figure of Satoshi Nakamoto was the American/Japanese Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, one of the people suspected of being the anonymous creator of the market’s main cryptomoney.

However, beyond really knowing what the real identity of the mysterious Cryptosoft Satoshi is, recently one of the mysteries behind his figure could be answered. The Argentinean Sergio Lemer also published in recent days an explanation of the pattern „Patoshi“ and explained some of the elements of mining that Satoshi did in the early days of Bitcoin.

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